Four days in Barcelona was never going to be enough time to see everything in this vibrant city, but football apart, I saw everything possible. Undoubtly the highlights were seeing the various Gaudi extravaganzas, and paying homage at the great cathedral of football, FC Barcelona's Nou Camp Stadium.

I arrived in Barcelona-Sans station around 12.45am, with mixed emotions - disappointed that I had missed the FC Barca - Zaragoza football match, weary after sitting on a train for nearly 17 hours, but glad that I had made it to the last stop of my journey with no major disasters (I took the view that the football disaster was not the end of the world - I wasn't going to let this spoil my holiday).

I was staying in an appartment two blocks from the famous Sagrada Familia, but emerging from the metro station in the dark of night meant I got only the mearest glimpse - the floodlighting had been turned off an hour or so earlier.

The next day brought sunshine and my first good look at the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, to give the church its full title - I must have had the best bedroom window view in all of Barcelona.

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