September 1999

Trondheim is the third largest in Norway, with a population of about 150,000.

Nidaros Cathedral is the most important religious monument in Norway and the scene of many coronations. The first church was built around 1070 by Olav Kyrre. The oldest part of the present day building is from around 1150. The church was built upon the grave of St Olaf. Legend has it that his body was miraculously preserved, creating a major pilgrimage site for Scandinavia.

Bakklandet is a loveable part of Trondheim along the estuary of the Nid river. The area dates from the 1600's, although the original buildings were destroyed by the Norwegians close friends, the Swedes, in 1718. Bakklandet is dotted with cafes, restaurants and bars. Look for the contraption just over the old bridge which helps cyclists up the hill to the east.

Here you can find Den Gode Naboen (The Good Neighbour) Pub. Set inside the wooden buildings along the river banks, this pub has a great character and an atmosphere very conducive to a good drinking session. Be careful - the floor is very uneven and covered in protruding pieces of wood, and the low ceilings and beams require care too - not easy after a few pints!!!

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