Montserrat is a monastery atop a mountain range 31miles (50km) northwest of Barcelona. To get to the monastery, I took an hour long train journey from Placa d'Espanya in Barcelona to Mantressa.

As I approached Monserrat the unusual crags and rocks of the mountains, shaped by retreating ice and waters in bygone ages, take centre stage. The Monestir de Montserrat is perched high above the valley, and the best and quickest way to reach it from the station is to undertake a exhilirating trip on a cable car that smoothly lifts you up the steep mountainside.

The monastery was built in 1025 to house La Moreneta (the Black Virgin of Montserrat). There have been numerous visions of the Virgin Mary throughout the centuries, and now the monastery is a place of pilgrimage and veneration, as well as home to a community of monks and a choir school.

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