1998, 2000, 2001

Flåm is a small community amidst stunning scenery at the end of the Aurlandfjord, in the Sogn og Fjordane county of western Norway.

Flåmsbana (the Flåm Railway) takes you on a terrific journey from sea level, through the picturesque Flåm valley, to Myrdal station at 865 m (2837 ft) above sea level, where it meets the Bergen-Oslo railway. Flåmsbana covers a distance of 20 km (12 mi), at a maximum gradient of 1:18. The journey takes around one hour, and has eight intermediate stops, including the spectacular Kjossfossen waterfall, where the platform is a haze of spray. A Flåtour guide accompanies the train, with commentary in several languages.

It's possible to walk between Flåm and Myrdal along Flåmsdalen. The road is unpaved for much of the way, and the last section to Myrdal is a steep, stony, winding path. The views along the tranquil valley are sensational, the air fresh and invigorating. There are numerous waterfalls, some mere trickles, cascading from the snowy peaks, and can be enjoyed over several hours.

I cycled from Myrdal, after enjoying the train journey from Flåm. The initial descent is on foot, as the path is tricky and my bike not suitable to attempt riding the thirteen bends. Once you have descended a few hundred metres, it's smooth cycling. I took two hours, with a stop to refuel my stomach, but with almost 24 hour daylight in the summer, you can mosey along at your own pace.

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